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Zentient Studios aims to disrupt the online product visualization & configuration technology sector and make it widely accessible to everyone, from individuals running personal websites to large online retailers.

Antimatter achieves this by harnessing the power of modern hardware accelerators and a WebGL powered graphics engine to create realistic, interactive simulations via compatible web browsers, complimented by easy to use browser based tools that enable rapid prototyping and easy publishing of content.

A beta version of the engine and editor shall be made available during 2017, watch this space or sign up to be notified of future updates.


Plugin Free

The technology harnesses the massively parallel architecture of modern graphics hardware through the WebGL API, enabling interactive navigation and exploration of rendered content in any web browser.

Advanced Engine

Antimatter supports two modes of operation; an interactive engine with broad device support via adaptive degradation, and a realistic path tracing engine for devices and platforms with the necessary WebGL extensions and compute power.

Complex Geometry

Geometry, materials and acceleration structures are compiled into a single highly compressed file, resulting in faster downloads and less waiting for users. Client side decompression is provided by pako.

Realistic Materials

All standard material types are simulated including metal, glass and plastic. Creating and editing materials is easy and intuitive, modify any material property and get immediate feedback.

Advanced Lighting

Path tracing faithfully reproduces global illumination effects seen in the real world, resulting in photo-realistic images. This level of realism would be difficult or impossible to achieve using traditional algorithms and lighting models.

Special Effects

The engine natively supports anti-aliasing and the depth of field effect with practically no performance penalty. Post-processing provides additional effects such as gamma correction and bloom.

Asset Management

3D content is a valuable asset and the compressed file format and optimized data layout of the acceleration structure makes reverse engineering such content difficult and impractical.

Editing & Publishing

The web based 3D editor provides a user friendly and intuitive environment for the rapid development of compelling interactive experiences, from something as simple as a 3D model explorer to a full featured product configurator.


Prototype has only been tested against recent versions of desktop Chrome and Firefox.

This prototype uses a graphics engine that will stress your machine to its limits and, depending on your hardware, may cause your computer to become unresponsive and/or crash your computer's graphics driver.

You are advised to save all your work and review the full terms of us before proceeding, your use of this prototype is done at your sole risk!

Upon launching the prototype a dialog will appear with usage instructions, you are encouraged to read these instructions.

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